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About Us

Our Objective

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We believe that win-win situations are the only way that capital really works. If either party is not happy with a deal, it should not happen. Our objective, therefore, is to find win-win solutions for our borrowers as well as our investors.

In our experience, the best solutions involve a strategy that looks ahead at both risks and possibilities. We look forward to working with you, using our experience and creativity, to develop a strategy to meet your objectives.

What We Do

Deep Ellum Capital is a boutique capital advisory firm located in Long Beach, California. We facilitate solutions for financial problems by investing proprietary capital in real estate opportunities within the United States.

We arrange bridge loans, equity, preferred equity and mezzanine capital working with people who are looking for debt and/or equity for acquiring commercial real estate assets, or sponsors who are seeking to repurchase their loans and/or recapitalize/restructure their existing assets from ranging from $1 - 30 million.

We structure simple and complex real estate transactions for real estate sponsors both at the fund level and at the individual asset level across the capital spectrum to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure. Often these solutions involve a hybrid of debt and equity.

Our company also provides liquidity for banks, hard money lenders and other lenders with legacy assets on their balance sheet.

Our Team

Our team has over four decades of experience with a wide variety of backgrounds including:

  • Serving as Trustee on a number of private trusts; co-authoring a two-volume set on wills and trusts.
  • Creating and programming systems to manage cash flow for various entities including the City of Philadelphia.
  • Working directly with CFOs ranging from medium size privately held companies up to a Fortune 50 company.
  • Consulting with the government of Uganda on land title reform.
  • Working with entrepreneurs and top real estate investors.

We don’t claim to have seen everything and know all the answers. But we have seen and solved a wide variety of problems. And we have developed a network of friends and associates who we can call on if we encounter opportunities outside our area of expertise.


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